“Question what you eat, challenge how you exercise!” 

Imagine… How would YOU feel if you: 

Lost weight? 
Became more confident? 
Were fitter? 
Were happier? 
Had more energy? 
You could sleep better? 
Were less stressed? 
Knew what foods were best for you? 

You can lose between 6 to 12 lbs (typically) on our Bootcamps You will feel good. You will look fabulous! 

Join us on one of our Residential Retreats/Bootcamps in 2019 either in Leicestershire or Turkey. 
It is time to look after you. Do you want to change your life? Taking action NOW will start that change. We will help you every step of your journey, from pre Retreat/Bootcamp advice, to attendance to post camp and beyond! 
There are no shortcuts, we will help you help yourself! 
It will be hard at times, it will be exhilarating, you will be tired emotional and ready to quit along this journey, our job is to help you stay focused, advise, push and help you smash your goals! 
Do you want to drop a dress size? Lose inches from your waist? Call now to find out how! 
Our Bootcamp programmes start 4 weeks before you arrive and continue long after with our ongoing support, with different post camp options. 
Our residential boot camp in Leicestershire is in a beautiful 7 bedroomed house where we take care of everything for you. We have shared twin rooms, doubles and family rooms. We have some beautiful countryside to train in and the gym we use locally is 2 miles away. (Our own private gym) The 7 days spent with us will change your life and, your opinion on exercise and food will change forever! 
All food is freshly prepared by our chefs both in the UK and Turkey and is highly nutritious. 
Alternatively, fly over to Turkey with us for our retreat/boot camp in a beautiful 5 bed villa set on the edge of a small village called Kayakoy. We train outdoors, early, and do lots of hiking, swimming and relaxing!! 
Everything we do, from our exercise programmes to our meal plans, we do for a reason. We think about post camp, sustaining what you have learnt so it becomes a habit, so you can continue the good and hard work you have just done! 
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